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Doctors and Staff at Zeal Dental P.C. in Bardonia, NY

Staff photo of the team at Zeal Dental

Photo of staff member Kristina


Picture of Dr. Reemer's wife and staff member, Anne Reemer


Anne Reemer has been the Executive Administrator and Chief Financial Officer of Frank Reemer, DDS P.C., for the past 34 years. She implemented all the dental and financial systems many years ago and maintains the IT and financial aspects of the office.

Anne graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University School with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene in 1979. She has orchestrated the transfer of new accounts and existing ones to the new owner of Zeal Dental P.C., Dr. Tabinda Anwar.

Anne will be retiring in May 2023 and looks forward to travelling, playing pickleball and spending time with her husband Frank (who will be retiring at the end of Summer 2023) and her daughter Marni.

Barbara – Dental Hygienist

Barbara has been practicing Dental Hygiene for over 30 years. She graduated with a Dental Hygiene degree from Onondaga College in Syracuse, NY, and received her anesthesia license and license to practice in New Jersey in 2008. Barbara became a Professional Educator on behalf of Waterpik in 2020.

Barbara enjoys combining professionalism and humor while treating her patients. Taking continuous education courses ensures that she keeps up with the latest innovations and technologies in dental health.

Outside the office, Barbara enjoys seeing the world and spending quality time with her wonderful husband, two sons, daughter, and daughter-in-law.

Ellen – Office Manager

Lori – Dental Hygienist

Deanne – Office Manager


Maryse – Dental Assistant

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